Robinsons Place Ermita

After seeing this picture again, makes me believe that I need to create a blog just for my eating expeditions with my friends. This made me realize that I really need to write something about what just had happen during that day.

This picture was our dinner at Robinsons Ermita, Manila. I don't remember exactly the restaurant. Poor memory. Anyways, what I do not forget this meeting was, we keep on mentioning Edlen in the conversation. Everything are associated with him. started with the chocolate, sneaker, then shrimps.

We all just laugh a about it and enjoy the rest of the night.

Why are we here, by the way? Hmmp, as far as I can remember, Ms Girlie invited us to join her to visit a factory outlet of a jeans company. Well, I came late. Good thing, I did not come early to join them because, they got nothing.

After this dinner, we walk to the baywalk up to Luneta Park. It was fun walking experience with them. It was a very long walk. We cross Luneta Park. On the other side of the park, there are already jeepneys going to Quiapo, so we decided to part ways and go home. Oh, by the way, it was already 12 midnight. Perfect to call it a night.
Encef, Jay, Ms Girlie and Bonne